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Real estate has always been a passion of mine. As a young kid I would take home floor plans from books and magazines and find ways to make them better. I studied industrial and mechanical drafting and design in school. My first job as a sophomore in high school was a draftsman for an electrical contractor in Fremont. I began my real estate career in mortgages and transitioned to owning and running a real estate and mortgage company in Palo Alto. I later added a second office.

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The Golden State's Magnetic Pull: The Phenomenon of People Returning to California After Moving Out of State

California, known for its stunning coastline, diverse landscapes, and vibrant culture, has long been an alluring destination for individuals seeking new opportunities and a high quality of life.

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It's camping season. Check out some great spots in the Sierra Nevada foothills

The Sierra Nevada foothills offer a variety of beautiful camping sites for outdoor enthusiasts. Here are some of the best camping sites in the Sierra Nevada foothills:1. Malakoff Diggins State

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New Moreland district home

Welcome home. This beautiful home just finished a major renovation. Almost everything is brand new, top to bottom. Complete new electrical with new wiring and service panel upgrade. New HVAC system

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Palm Springs real estate

Palm Springs is a popular resort town located in Southern California known for its warm climate, stunning landscapes, and luxurious lifestyle. The Palm Springs real estate market has been booming in

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